new media artist

Let the Kingdom Crumble My Liege, the Crown Must Be Protected (5:29) - for piano, cello, brass, percussion, and electronics (mp3)

Bumblebees and Amber (9:51) - for cello, piano, and electronics (mp3)

Northwoods Mix (4:08) - remix of solo vocals provided by Lara Brodsky (mp3)

Definitions for Lonely Atoms (9:24) - for cello, guitar, piano, percussion, electronics (mp3)

Fine Diving (16:22) - ride cymbal, voice, eletronics (mp3)

Everywhere Everyone is Happy All the Time (3:08) - voice, electronics (mp3)

5 Cent Worry (3:38) - guitar, electronics (mp3)

Hello Miss Caterpillar, You Have No Wings (4:01) - guitar, electronics (mp3)